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Petition Oppose the relaxation of vehicle testing (MoT) frequency - an ill-considered proposal from the DfT.

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The government should drop its proposals to reduce the frequency of MoT tests.
Currently vehicles are tested when they reach the third anniversary of registration, and are then tested annually (so called 3-1-1). The government (DfT) has proposed a change to first test at four years and then retest every other year (4-2-2) and claim it would "reduce the burden on the motorist".
It is hard to see what this burden is. The maximum fee for a test is £54.85 and many test stations charge a great deal less.
The test is a vital part of keeping the UK's cars safe, road-worthy and environmentally compliant.
Any reduction in testing would lead to increased road casualties (deaths and serious injuries), increased pollution, and have employment consequences. All of which has been supported by independent and reliable research. The system was reviewed in 2008 and seen to be appropriate and any relaxation in testing seen as unrealistic.
Let's drop this ill-considered proposal!

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