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Petition Abolish 1997 and 1988 Gun Control Acts

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Giving people the right to again own Handguns and Semiautomatic Centrefire rifles in the UK. Abolish 1997 and 1988 Firearm Acts.

I believe that the flawed legislation that was the Gun Control Acts of 1997 (Handgun ban) and 1988 (Semi-Automatic Centrefire ban) was flawed to begin with.

Its main premise was to ensure public safety by limiting the availability of legally held firearms. This however has not been the case as firearms crime has massively gone up, the acts penalised law abiding gun owners for the crimes of mainly criminal gangs which use firearms to intimidate, kill and injure. Bring back the people's right to own handguns and semi-automatic centrefire rifles, public safety is not jeopardized by these sort of guns, in fact gun crime was much lower when these guns were fully legal in Britain over 25 years ago.

Law abiding gun owners should not be punished for criminal and insane acts of madmen.

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