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Petition Save Landsailing at Bassingbourn

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Landsailing in the home counties has pivoted around the Anglia Landsailing Club, and Bassingbourn Barracks its long time home (since 1978).

Among other clubs that use the barrack's facilities the Anglia Landsailing Club received notice in September that our lease will be terminated on 28th March 2013, as the army is closing the barracks to clubs.

The Club has in its time at Bassingbourn produced 2 World Landsailing Champions and multiple British Champions, and losing this facility will jeopardise not just the British Sports ability to produce Champions, but jeopardise this minority sports existence in the UK.

We need signatures from as many people as possible to help prove that ours is a site worth saving. Also pass the message on, the more supporters we can get the better.

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