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The ever increasing human population in the UK is seriously harming British wildlife. We therefore urge the government to rethink its policies on population growth in the UK.

In detail:

- Scientific surveys are showing that species, such as: Bumble bees, Corncrakes, Bats, Crickets, Ground Beetles, Wildcats, Dormice, Starlings, Sparrows, Woodpeckers, Warblers, Hedgehogs and Badgers are suffering habitat destruction and many are threatened by extinction.

-As our population grows, construction and intensive farming will put further pressure on our remaining wildlife. Wildlife habitat, such as grasslands, ponds, bogs and woods, will be destroyed.

-Since 1930, 98% of wildflower meadows (bumble bee habitat) has been lost to farming, and development.

We the undersigned urge the government to reduce the UK’s population. Wildlife has a right to thrive here. Failure to act now could lead to the irreversible loss of species which are a part of our nation’s identity and health.

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