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Petition Buy 21 Albemarle Street, home of the Royal Institution, for the nation.

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Buy the building for the nation (est. sale price £60 million) and then allow the Ri to remain there, indefinitely.

Background info:
The Royal Institution is in serious financial difficulties and looking to sell its historic London home.

The Ri has been world leader in scientific research and inspiration for more than 200 years. 21 Albemarle St. houses Michael Faraday’s original lecture theatre and laboratory; and has hosted the famous ‘Christmas Lectures’, by renowned scientists, since 1825.
Its passing would be an incalculable loss to future scientists, the heritage of the nation and the world.

Nobel Laureate Prof. Sir Harry Kroto agrees: "Make no mistake; if this building is sold the Institution will be lost forever. We must not let this happen."

If government can spend £124 billion bailing out banks, it can afford to spend a fraction of that to preserve this venerable institution's historic building.

Mary R Perkins,



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