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Petition Demand Fair Trials for Bangladesh Opposition Leaders, and Stop Their Execution by Government Exploiting Public Sentiment

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The so-called International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) was purportedly set up to try Bangladeshi collaborators in Pakistani war crimes from 1971. Figures are contested but at least several hundred thousand people died and were raped. We feel that it is important that justice is meted out for those responsible. However, international organizations like the UN, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty say the current tribunal is far from fair, and seems to have been set up to eliminate the current political opposition. Bangladesh is currently in the throes of protests for and against the ICT, and police are attacking and arresting hundreds of members and suspected members of the opposition, as the government cracks down on their activities. We urge the FCO to speak out against this grave miscarriage of justice, and call for fair trials in Bangladesh with international supervision.

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