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Petition Support the trade of Uk Skunkworks

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Uk Skunkworks is a legitimate business. We provide a fair service to a huge national market. We pride ourselves on high moral codes and responsible trading. We have established a strong relationship with our Clientele, Trading Standards and Authorities. Our high street stores meet all current regulations and will continue to do so as we care for our customes and the communities that we enter. Our numerous restrictions ensure any person under the age of 18 can not enter our store. This ensures the trade of all our products is regulated within the adult market. We must turn our minds from an old mindset and turn to our world leaders to review their strategies in response to narcotics. I believe that substantial progress will be made! I urge people to stop attacking businesses and focus on the regulation and education of narcotics rather that the condemnation and discrimination of those who chose to experiment with their own bodies. It is not a crime, it is the choice of the individual.

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