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Petition Cancer Does Not Discriminate! Do you Mr Hunt?

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A Call for Action on the Health Secretary to ensure the NHS continues to support the Black & Minority Ethnic Cancer Voice from April when the National Cancer Action Team which has been doing this through the National BME Cancer Alliance is disbanded.

The alliance is a coalition of 20 charities all working together for the greater good of the Black Asian Chinese & Irish communities. With no NHS support the work NCAT & the alliance has done & which people have benefitted will end.

BME people will no longer have an equal footing like that of the mainstream charities & comes when analysis evidences the awareness of cancer being generally lower with higher rates of diagnosis & the patient experience being less positive.

Reducing inequalities during austerity will save the NHS money in the long term. The legacy of the positive contribution of many BME people must not be ignored. If support for BME Cancer disappears, so will their Voice.

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