Petition UKBA - Demanding Better Service For Visa Applicants

TNT wants the UKBA to change the way it treats visa applicants so that:

✔ Every applicant receives correspondence when an application has been received
✔ Advice is then sent to all applicants detailing the process system and what it means for those wanting
to work or travel
✔ Every applicant gets access to an emergency helpline which they can call for updates at any time, not only after six months
✔ The target for processing visas for those based in the UK who are eligible to work is reduced to three months
✔ A full refund is offered to applicants if their application takes longer than the target time if it is due to UKBA incompetency
✔ The amount of premium service appointments is increased – and a full refund is offered to applicants if the UKBA doesn’t adhere to the allotted 24-hour timescale
✔ Applicants wishing to extend visas to stay in the UK can do so before the ‘28 days before expiry’ deadline

This petition has been archived

It was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

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