This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition A total opt out of the Working Time Directive for all HGV drivers

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Some of you driver's may be like me and think you signed out of the WTD. Well i am here to tell you that you hav'nt and cannot because we are in transport and are not allowed by law. We are already governed by driving rule's which only allow us to only do so many hour's a week,so why are we being stopped from being allowed to earn a decent living.I been driving HGV for 22 year's and my money has never changed since i started this because we don't stand togeather and fight for our rights.The CPC is also another way to take our money,why do we need to sit a 5 day course to be told somthing we already know.If your a new driver then yes you need to be told about tacho rules and how to secure a load correctly. We want is the right to be allowed to fully opt out of the Working Time Directive and the CPC to be looked at .

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