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Petition Time to end the abuse and ignorance of Transgender people in the media a priority following the tradgic death of Lucy Meadows

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We still see on a regular basis the targeting and abuse of transgender people by some elements of the UK Media. This hate and systematic transphobia has been highlighted in the most tradgic of circumstances by the recent (apparent) suicide of Lucy Meadows.

Following Lucy's transition as a transgender women as a teacher she was targeted by a hateful piece of journalism published in the Daily Mail suggesting she should not be allowed to teach and using all of the outdated stereotypes and ignorant attitudes transgender people have had to deal with for decades.

In light of the new Independent Press Regulator being set up we call on parliament to highlight this issue with the body and to make the ending of transgender hate, bullying and systematic transphobia from some media sources to be a priority for the regulator to tackle going forward after its formation.

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