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Petition Privatise The BBC

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Taxing citizens to subsidise a biased broadcasting corporation is unfair and immoral.
In the digital age we live in, the BBC should be able to survive on advertisements and selling the rights to its various TV programs and even to charge a subscription if they wish to. ITV and Channels 4 and 5 survive without any contribution from a TV license Why Should the BBC be any different.
They have over 50 years of archive TV material as an asset that can be used to finance their ongoing operations.
It is time to stop charging this unfair tax which is punitive to those on lower incomes and not supported by the majority of the public.
We have privatised utilities, the railways, the bus services, it is time to privatise this dinosaur and allow other TV broadcasters an honest chance to survive in the market rather than compete with a monolith that has unlimited resources and skews the market place.

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