This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Stop dumping polyisobutene waste at sea

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Dumping waste at sea continues to destroy our marine environment but there is little deterrent or enforcement to protect our waters. One of the most damaging substances to be legally discharged, is an oil addative called polyisobutene or PIB. Large numbers of seabirds have been killed by this glue like substance, which mats their feathers, causing them to drown, die of cold or starvation. Scientists have confirmed that this chemical could now be entering the food chain and that little is known of the effects that this could cause. Such pollutants are known to destroy life within our oceans, yet dumping this deadly waste at sea is allowed and accepted by our law-makers. My e-petition is to ask the Government to begin a radical overhaul of the permitted discharge laws and to reduce the volumes of pollutants that are discharged into our waters and ask that polyisobutene is the first of these disgusting substances to be banned from being dumped at Sea.

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