This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Stop compulsory use of Universal Job Match for JSA claimants

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Signing up for Universal Job Match (UJM) and uploading a CV is being made mandatory for JSA claimants.
Please sign this petition to stop the compulsory use of UJM. JSA claimants are facing completely draconian and unfair sanctions (removal of their benefit) not for not looking for a job, but for not doing so by using the UJM system.
This is disgusting; victimisation. It is intimidating and unhelpful to real job seekers who feel constrained and stressed by the need to prove their job hunting using a system which is widely criticised ( with a number of security issues; whilst leaving it open to the very very few who are lazy to cheat the system by logging on to the system and clicking on a few jobs and saying they are not suitable.
UJM is being used as a method of finding easy victims for sanctions (see
Ths system limits my words to this.

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