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Petition Cut VAT on sunscreen

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Every year more than 100,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with skin cancer (caused by UV rays) and over 2,500 lose their life as a result*. Under current UK tax law, Brits pay a 20% tax charge on sunscreen as it's deemed a ‘luxury’ item rather than an essential health product.

It is estimated that the cost to the NHS of skin cancer will be more than £180m by 2020, proving there are serious health risks and cost implications posed from sun damage. Skin cancer is largely a preventable disease, and high factor sunscreen can help protect skin against harmful effects of the sun. Recent research reveals that 60% of Brits believe sunscreen is overpriced and in turn are resorting to out-dated sunscreen or even avoiding purchasing it altogether.

By signing this petition you agree that sunscreen VAT should be diminished to ensure Brits can stay safe in the sun at a reduced cost, which will ultimately reduce the cases of skin cancer and save lives.
*British Skin Foundation, March 2013

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