This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government


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We want the government to make insurance for cyclists compulsory.

Cyclists cause thousands of road traffic accidents every year, some with fatal consequences. When cyclists are involved in automobile accidents, the blame always gets put down to the driver of the vehicle, even if it is not their fault.

Why should an innocent driver suffer in this sort of situation, having to claim on their insurance and incur higher premiums in the future? It is not right or fair that the cyclist should be able to walk away with no repercussions.

We want compulsory insurance for cyclists, to cover them in the event that they cause a collision. OR make public liability insurance compulsory for all cyclists. The insurance policy should cover the cyclist and NOT the bicycle. That way, any driver involved in a collision caused by a cyclist, can claim against the guilty party. Cyclists want the right to use the roads, and therefore they should have to be socially responsible and accountable.

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