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Petition An official investigation into Atos for dwp medical assesments

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We would like to officially ask the government to hold an official investigation into the structure and fairness of the atos medical assesments

Following the official news release today from an inside doctor, Dr Greg Wood, who worked for atos for two and a half years and quoted "the system was skewed against the claimant".

In an interview with the BBC, Dr Wood says he believes Atos assessors are not free to make truly independent recommendations.

We therefore have no trust in this company to delve into our personal medical history as time after time they have proven to us that they don't listen to what we say to them.. and don't consider the full extent of official medical evidence presented before them

We now ask for an official investigation to be carried out into ATOS and in the meantime we require all medicals to be put on hold with no effect on the claimants benefit until the investigation is completed

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