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Rejected petition Bring back the Death Penalty in the UK NOW!

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Why should we pay for Lifers to have 3 square meals a day, watch Sky TV, lounge around and still live! They have committed a crime, could be a Terrorist, Rapist or a Murderer but still here and we the Tax Payer pay for their comfort.

Really in this day and age do we not have the technology to confirm they are guilty!

If they are then save the tax payer and give justice to those left behind.

Death not a Life sentence should be the answer and maybe, just maybe we can rest in our beds knowing they wont be let out in a few years time on Good Behavior to re offend, which has never really made sense to me, you can take a life, rape a baby but you can behave in prison and it's all forgotten, a pat on the back sent out and repeat offend - I thought we were an intelligent country A LIFE FOR A LIFE!! Death to them too! Let's bring back the Death Penalty or at least let us the people Vote on it!

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