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Petition Potholes and poor road maintenance in the UK

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Deterioration of UK roads over many years has lead to our roads becoming potholed tracks. This is a result of many factors, lack of investment, councils not investing the full amount given by government, increased traffic volumes and bad winters. Essential works needed on our roads is estimated at £10s billions.

The public are fed up with the state of roads. Research suggests badly maintained roads cost the UK economy £4.1 billion a year, spending on the road network for maintenance and repairs is less than 10% of what road users pay in fuel tax and Road Fund Licence.

We the undersigned request the following:

Government invest more in the current road infrastructure;

The Department for Transport ring fence funding on roads for councils, ensuring it is used for this purpose;

Expenditure on road maintenance is increased to a level appropriate for an asset worth approx £750 billion, saving money in the long run rather than the “patch and mend” mentality.

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