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Petition lee rigby memorial trust

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That a trust be set up under the authority of the Chief of the General Staff to collect money for the construction of a memorial to the late Drummer Lee Rigby. The said memorial to be constructed as near as is practicable to the site of his death and be visible to the public road and to take the form of a stone obelisk of a height not less than five feet. There to be sufficient space around the memorial to allow the placing of wreathes. The base of the memorial to bear the man's name, rank, number and unit title and insignia with such message as deemed fit by his next of kin in conformity with the practice of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The trust to be further empowered to collect and expend money for the maintenance of the memorial in perpetuity and to make donations to the Fusiliers Aid Society of funds surplus to its primary purpose.

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