This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Close CCMCC (Salford and Northampton)

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This is a petition to close the CCMCC, which drives up legal costs in cases and causes delays and stress. Court papers are lost or go astray for months. Why return an issued claim form 6 months after the CCMCC has issued the claim? Why are we required to repeatedly amend court orders and return them to the CCMCC for approval? Why ignore agreed directions and simply transfer a claim to a regional court forcing the parties to agree fresh directions all over again? Why grant an “extension of time” to serve a claim that in fact reduces the time for service to three months from issue? Urgent applications are not looked at for 10 working days leaving those in desperate circumstances with inadequate judicial redress. It seems the CCMCC is inadequately funded and resourced. The CCMCC is not fit for purpose and needs to be closed and money claims issued regionally again.

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