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Petition For HIV to be tought in secondary schools yr7-yr9

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I am a 13 year old child and I was born with the HIV virus, which many people confuse with aids. I would like the government to consider teaching year 7 to year 9 properly about HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (not the science or PSHE version) but a separate sex education lesson. On sharing my condition with some of the children in my school they thought I had aids because society is led to believe that HIV IS aids, which is not the case. We are the future. We did not use dirty needles or have unprotected sex, but each time HIV is mentioned people automatically think this is what we have done. Many will say we are too young, but we are not too young. We understand more than people give us credit for. So please, if you are about fair treatment, please sign my e-petition.

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