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Petition Child Bereavement Counselling

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In December 2010 we lost our precious 9 yr old Daughter Laura Emily McPhee from a severe Asthma attack. However once we stepped outside the hospital doors it was as if we had entered the 'Bermuda Triangle'. There does not appear to be a system that supports bereaved/grieving families.
Communication between services was non-existent, and care which should have been delivered was not. We want the government to ensure there is a coordinated package of aftercare bereavement counselling for all families following the loss of a baby/child. Please go to our website for full statement. (uk) Im still begging for counselling 2 ½ yrs down the line and I am suicidal! I have had 9 assessments told im severe but absolute NO help what so ever still ! Plz Listen! Plz get me and others someone before its too late!..........................

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