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Petition Addressing Falling Honey Bee Populations by a Co-ordinated Planned Approach, Government Backed, Encompassing all Sectors of the UK Arable Industry

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The natural honey bee populations of the UK are undergoing a major national decline. This is undisputed . Bees are an essential part of the balance of life. UK farming is massively dependent upon healthy bee populations. 75% of the food we eat is dependent on bee pollination.
What is disputed is the cause. Environmentalists blame pesticides and large scale cropping, farmers blame changing weather of recent years. The varroa mite has also had an impact. The likely cause is probably a combination of all three. The solution to re-build numbers on a national scale will be complex.
We require a co-ordinated national regeneration scheme funded by the government, managed via DEFRA or a KTN similar to NNFCC and implemented UK-wide. Blue-sky thinking to research new technology - bee hive re-design , honey bee breeding for example. Such technological advances may only be possible through governmental involvement.

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