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Rejected petition Eco-couple told to pull down their 'hobbit home' made entirely out of natural materials .

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Charlie Hague and Megan Williams, both 25, built the roundhouse from scratch with their own hands, using only natural materials.
Charlie and Megan, who have a one-year-old son Eli, built the house on private land in Glandwr, North Pembrokeshire, last summer.
But Pembrokeshire County Council ordered the couple to demolish their home because it was built without planning permission.
Charlie and Megan, who live a self-sufficient lifestyle, fought the decision claiming it had a low impact on the environment because of its unique construction.
The couple’s appeal was dismissed by a planning inspector who upheld the council’s enforcement notice, which requires the roundhouse and all associated work to be demolished.
The couple have one last chance - they have applied for retrospective planning permission..

We the people are appealing to the Government to grant the retrospective planning permission that Charlie Hague and Megan Williams have applied for.

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