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Petition Bring our mother home from China

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Help us get the FCO to act to bring our elderly mum home from China. On 21.06.13 our mum saw a group assault her friend. She cried out “help, get the police”. At the Station, they were treated as culprits and detained for 38 days then given bail without charge. Our mum’s health deteriorated. A policeman told us there was no criminal case and the attacker’s possible civil claim meant that he had to keep their passports until we paid them settlement money (£20000). Our mum has her passport, but is unable to leave as her visa expired due to detention. We are now told that criminal investigations are live and trying to leave will lead to detention. We and our MP have called the FCO who replied they only help if processes are unfair/unduly lengthy. In China bail without charge can last a year. No funds remain and we are desperate for our mum’s return. She has missed an operation. This ordeal has traumatized, weakened and exhausted her. Please sign our petition; help bring our mum home.

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