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Petition Stop the badger cull NOW

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The badger cull must be stopped now for the following reasons:
1. The stated aim of the trial badger cull is to test the effectiveness (in terms of badger removal), humaneness and safety of culling. Since people in the locality of the cull, report hearing prolonged screams from dying badgers the trial has already proved the culling is not humane, as no-one can claim that a death which lasts long enough for the animal to scream in pain, is humane.
2. Defra’s 'humaneness assessment' will be based on autopsies on just 120 of the 5000 that are to be killed. This is not a scientifically valid sample group. In addition any badgers that are wounded but make it to their sets, subsequently to die in agony will not be included in this sample as their bodies will not be recovered. As these are arguably the ones that will have suffered the most, and yet will be excluded from the study, the pilot is scientifically invalid and so must be stopped immediately.

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