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Petition Make September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the UK in line with International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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When you are told that 'Your child has cancer' your whole world falls apart, your family dynamic is broken and shattered beyond recognition and your life as you know it changes forever.

We, the undersigned, request that September should be officially recognised as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the UK, bringing it in line with the United States and Canada. Currently it's in December which is innappropriate. We feel that is the wrong time of year to be asking for awareness of childrens cancers and knowledge of symptoms can make the difference between life and death. Early diagnosis is key. Trying to raise awareness in December is a fruitless mission so close to Christmas.
We would like to unite together worldwide under one universal month (September) to give a sense that all parents are working together to be aware of childhood cancers, raising the profile and saving more lives in the process.

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