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Petition Make the TV License optional

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Reports suggest that BBC collected £3.6562 Billion last year from TV licenses. This money comes from the pockets of hard working people.

Whilst we are forced to hand over our ever-stretched money, the BBC are paying their TV stars staggering salaries of approximately £1M per year. The BBC have been generously lining the pockets of their senior executives with one employee reported to have received £450,000 after spending just 54 days in the job

So many households are struggling to cope with the high cost of living and the financial pressures of price rises coupled with lower than ever salaries. Despite this, we are forced to pay the BBC £145.50 to watch television even if we do not use their service.
Being forced to purchase a TV license from the BBC using our hard earned salaries is modern day extortion.

I am simply asking for Parliament to review current legislation and only allow the BBC to collect Fee's on a subscription basis and give the option to opt out.

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