This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Make student finance payments monthly

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To David Willetts (and counterparts in Wales, and Northern Ireland)

We, the undersigned, call upon BIS, the Welsh Assembly, and DEL Northern Ireland to introduce monthly maintenance payments to ALL UK full-time students receiving student support.

Full-time students receive funding for living costs in 3 instalments each year. No other group in the UK gets their income in this way; monthly payments would enable students to manage their money in preparation for their graduate career.

The NUS’ Pound in Your Pocket research supports this petition: “Students… want more cash support such as loans, grants and bursaries, with… payments, either weekly or monthly depending on the level of study”.

The Student Loans Company is replacing its IT systems for 2015/16. We want monthly maintenance payments incorporated in the new design.

Scottish students already get monthly payments – students in the rest of the UK deserve the chance to manage their finances during their studies.

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