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Petition Black Mental Health UK campaign against black deaths in custody

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Those detained under the Mental Health Act account for 60% of all deaths in state custody, and of all groups, it is people from the UK’s African Caribbean communities that are subject to the most coercive and punitive treatment, often with fatal consequences.
Unlike other custodial settings such as prisons and police custody where a death is referred to an external agency for investigation, all preventable deaths of people detained under the Mental Health Act are investigated by the health provider responsible for running the facility where the fatality has occurred. This raises concerns over the culture of cover-up and lack of accountablity in these cases.

Black Mental Health UK are calling for:
1. Independent judicial inquiries into all preventable deaths in psychiatric settings and an end to deaths in custody.
2. A government commitment to outlaw use of control and restraint in mental health settings.
3.An independent public inquiry into black deaths in custody

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