Petition Make a Shit-Ton an official Measurement

We in this country should have stranger measurements.
We therefore petition the government to accept the shit-ton as an official measurement, weighing 2.7 megatons, or 2700000 tons. The shit-ton should also be taught as a unit of measurement in schools.

The inclusion of the shit-ton would distinguish Britain as a place where anything can happen. It would also make people chuckle when using it, raising our overall happiness. Finally, the shit-ton would provide a bit more of a challenge for everyone dealing with it, as it is not so easy to convert it into other units, increasing how much people have to really think, fostering a more intelligent Britain which would be better equipped to deal with everything that life throws at it. This leads us to the conclusion that the shit-ton would not only make people happier and more intelligent, it would also be hugely beneficial for the economy. They would take opportunities and promote innovation, leading us out of the financial crisis.

This petition has been archived

It was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

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