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Petition Ban the sale of noisy fireworks!

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It is now the 21st of October and already people or most likely the youths in the area are releasing fireworks, very loud fireworks. I can’t say if they are pretty but I can say is that they make me jump even the screech before the bang makes me tense and my hands rise to my ears.

I do not hate fireworks, if they are used correctly and by sober individuals, they can be very fun entertainment for all. I even went to London Eye fireworks in 2011 where I enjoyed the show as I expected to hear bangs and prepared myself for them.

However it is the noisy fireworks that bother me, they are distressing to many people, children and to our pets and wildlife. I would like the government to ban the sales of noisy fireworks to the general public. If local councils would like to use the noisy ones for a public display, such as the London Eye one then yes. But no member of the public should be allowed to buy them at all.

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