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Petition Change in firework legislation

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Fireworks in the correct setting can be wonderful. However the misuse of fireworks presents danger and misery to many.
Whether it be people with anxiety disorders, veterans such as myself with PTSD or pets and livestock, fireworks can have a profound detrimental effect on health.
I am calling for stricter regulations on the use of fireworks and the removal of their sale to the general public. I propose tighter restrictions be put in place similar to firearms owners. Whereby fireworks operators are subject to CRB checks and trained in the safe use of fireworks for organised public displays only. Fireworks are essentially explosives and as such should not be allowed to be purchased and used without relevant vetting or safety training.
I believe this petition will address the possible use of fireworks as improvised explosive devices and weapons in general, also save the tax payer money on emergency service call outs and save needless suffering to thousands of UK residents.

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