This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Ban General Public Sale and Use of Fireworks

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Petition against the sale of, and the use of, fireworks by the general public.

A call to ban any sale of fireworks to the general public.
A call to ban the use of fireworks by the general public.
To request a change in legislation so that only licensed events with licensed pyrotechnics can organise firework displays and use fireworks.

Fireworks can be a spectacular show which thousands can enjoy however, the use of fireworks in a domestic setting, and in a setting which has no regulatory control or qualified professional in charge of the safe lighting of, and setting off of fireworks can be, and has proven to be, fatal.

These fireworks can fall into the hands of individuals whose antisocial behaviour causes no end of distress to local communities, individuals and animals.

So, this petition calls for a ban.

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