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Petition Take Urgent Action: Introduce Humanitarian Corridors in Syria and Stop the Holocaust!

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The Syrian uprising is not a civil war as media says, it is a Holocaust against innocent civilians as the Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, described it.
It began in March 2011 against a brutal dictatorship with peaceful demonstrations requesting freedom, dignity and equality, has met with brutal violence by the regime to become an unprecedented genocide process against a whole nation, with catastrophic and calamitous humanitarian disaster.
It is vital to take action now to request the British government to use its influence to:
- Introduce an urgent humanitarian corridors in Syria.
- Stop the killing and genocide.
- Release thousands of detainees.
The Syrian regime bowed to international pressure to allow chemical weapons' inspectors into Syria, and the same pressure can be used to force the regime to stop the genocide and implement the requests made in this petition.
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