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Petition The adequacy of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)

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The IPCC is responsible for the police complaints system and public confidence in it. All surveys of citizens who have actually experienced the work of the IPCC have a very negative view of its performance. These levels of dissatisfaction reach upwards of 80% which is extraordinarily high for a public body engaged in vital public interest work. The general view is that it is fundamentally unfair and biased towards the police. The danger is that the IPCC will increase police misconduct not decrease it because the IPCC could be seen as such an easy touch from officers. That is even if we get caught there are no consequences from the IPCC in the vast majority of cases that are not high profile. A debate in parliament is essential before the IPCC carries on as it is and does irrepairable damage to police/public relations, the overall public interest and the complaints system as a whole.
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