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Petition Introduce mandatory check for tongue tie in routine postnatal examinaton

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What is tongue tie?

Tongue tie occurs when the piece of skin under the tongue (frenulum) is too short and tight, restricting the full movement of the tongue. It is a hereditary condition affecting up to 1 in 10 babies. It can prevent the baby latching correctly onto the nipple and can lead to the following:

• Nipple soreness and damage
• Mastitis
• Prolonged and frequent feeding
• Failure to gain weight

If it is not treated quickly, it can ultimately lead to the baby being weaned from the breast.


Introduce a mandatory check for tongue tie in the routine postnatal examination. If tongue tie is present this will be followed up by a midwife or lactation consultant before the mother and baby leave hospital. If problems with breast feeding are present, an urgent referral will be made for revision (frenulotomy).

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