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Petition Ban the sale of Chinese Lanterns

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Many peoples lifes have been affected by the sale and use of Chinese Lanterns.

Wildlife, farm animals, domestic pets, aircraft and coastguard services are affected by the use of these non essential, air born, menaces.

LIVESTOCK / FARMING - Lanterns are killing livestock and setting fire to fields / crops. Farmers say livestock have died after eating the wire and paper remnants and they can easily get caught / trapped in the wire.

EMERGENCY SERVICES:- The UK Coastguard says it has seen a large increase in the number of rescue teams and lifeboats being called out to false alarms, because decorative Chinese lanterns are being mistaken for distress flares.

INDUSTRY - Recycling plants have been devasted by fires caused by the lanterns. The Smethwick blaze in July 2013 shows the devastation these lanterns can cause.

We need to ban the use of these lanterns now before many more lives are davasted.

Please sign the petition and ask as many people also to do so.

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