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Petition Every Social Housing Tenancy Before 1/4/2013 To Be Made Exempt (Like Private Sector)

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We are calling for every tenant affected by The Size Criteria Rule (Bedroom Tax), with a Social Housing tenancy commencing before 1/4/2013 to be made exempt.

It would make every Social tenant equal to private tenants, who are affected by a similar rule called The Local Housing Allowance (LHA). Private Tenants were made exempt from the LHA, on the premise that they had a tenancy agreement before the rules introduction on the 7/4/2008.

As the current Govt are adamant we have the same rule for both sectors, then surely they should recognise this massive error. They need to stop misleading the Public.

Clearly it's time to bring this up to date and make the Social Sector tenants prior to 1/4/2013 EXEMPT!

Regardless of circumstances

Remember: one of the main premises for the Bedroom Tax introduction was the LHA.

So WeWillBeHeard (.org) are calling for the two sectors to be treated equally.

Exemptions for Bedroom Tax sufferers with tenancies prior to April 1st 2013

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