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Petition Use Foreign Aid to Stop Elephant Poaching

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We believe that the British government should use funds from their Foreign Aid budget to help protect wild elephants in Africa.

Elephants are in extreme danger of becoming extinct within a couple of decades. We don’t want to be part of the generation that allows these magnificent animals to disappear forever.

Elephants are being killed by well-funded poachers, including those who use the money to fund terrorism. Poaching leads directly to the suffering of humans.

Therefore, the use of Foreign Aid money is totally justified, as stopping poaching will benefit animals and humans alike.

A valid plan to save the elephants exists – at the cost of around £60 million. The UK shouldn't have to do this alone - but even by diverting just 0.5% of our Foreign Aid money, the UK could save Africa’s elephants by itself!

We ask you to commit to using Foriegn Aid money to save elephants, and encourage other countries to do the same – before it’s too late.

Care for the Wild

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