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Petition Stop abolition of 'Assessment Rate'

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Stop the abolition of the assessment rate whilst appealing an ESA decision.

From October 2012, anyone who has had their Employment and Support Allowance stopped following a Work Capability Assessment must ask for a mandatory re-consideration before being allowed to appeal to the tribunals service.

The DWP cannot give any timescales for the re-consideration and whilst this is being done, claimants will not receive any benefit. (More information below)

Whilst the re-consideration is being done, claimants will not receive the assessment rate (Currently £71.71 per week) of benefit and must either go without until the new decision has been made, or they must claim Job Seekers Allowance.

Anyone claiming Job Seekers Allowance must be fit to work immediately, therefore anyone who has been claiming ESA fails this criteria straight away as they aren't entitled to the benefit due to their current health status.

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