This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition UK ban on Methylisothiazolinone preservative used in household/cosmetic products

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I would like to petition to ban the production and use of methylisothiazolinone in products in the UK.
This ingredient is a powerful biocide. It’s a chemical substance that can control or kill harmful
microorganisms. It’s included in many water-based cosmetic products to help prevent bacteria and yeast growing in the product, so extending the product’s shelf life.It has been banned in Canada for it's toxicity and causing allergic reactions to so many people in the UK. It's getting worse and more research is needed on the effects to adults and our children. It can cause fatal reactions. Around 10% of people are allergic to MI. It has also been rumoured as a link to cancer. The exposure to pregnant women with the possibility of risk to the foetus has also been detailed. I'm aware of the dangers that this product poses to our health. Please help ban it.

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