Petition withdraw NHS Reform Bill

The Secretary of State should keep the duty to “secure and provide comprehensive health care for all”.

GP commissioning consortiums-clusters will introduce charges, insurance fees, and contract commercial companies. These reforms are based on the privatised U.S. system: the most expensive and highly inequitable healthcare system. The existing NHS is almost the least costly healthcare system, with one of the best levels of access to care. (US Commonwealth Fund 2010 survey of 11 industrialised countries). The NHS should remain a Public Service.
Competition law should not apply to the NHS: healthcare is a collective public good.
People created NHS free health care for all,in 1948. to replace private medicine only for those who could pay. Britain was then officially bankrupt. Scotland and Wales have retained publicly funded NHS and improved them. Proposals by RCN and BMA members would save money and improve care, without drastic cuts or privatisation.

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It was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

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