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Petition Making Mental Health Awareness complusory on the National Curriculum

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We are two 16 year old girls from North London who are fed up with the number of mental health issues being ignored. The issue is a personal one; Sophia suffered from Anorexia Nervosa and Amber felt disheartened by the lack of support she could give due to lack of knowledge regarding the issue.
Having come out of our experience stronger, we believe that the impacts of mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders &OCD on the sufferer and peers are greatly underestimated. Sophia's instagram(Sophia_pw) tries to promote a healthy lifestyle while supporting those struggling with mental challenges.We know the problem can be reduced if schools played a greater role in preventing these problems arising. By including education, science, support and awareness within the PSHE spectrum of the national curriculum, we believe that the stigma of mental health issues be removed and would allow the sufferer and peers to gain the knowledge to recognise problems STOP IT BEFORE IT STARTS

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