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Rejected petition Dangerous part worn tyres

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Many people think that buying second hand tyres is a way of saving money. What they fail to realise is that many 'part worn' tyres are sold illegally, and are NOT road worthy. A recent survey by Trading Standards in Birmingham found that 90% of tyres are not road worthy, and in some cases were dangerous. There are strict laws to abide to when fitting part worn tyres, but they are not being adhered to by many of the traders. The tyres MUST have a minimum of 2mm of tread depth around the whole of the tyre, and any repairs must ber carried out in accorance with British Standards BS AU 159. There need to be tougher rules to stop illegal tyres being sold, and putting drivers in danger.

All Tyres should be clearly and perminantly marked up with PART WORN
All Tyres must meet the minimum tread requirements.
All tyres should be pressure tested, and check for bulges or other defects.
All supplier should be regularly checked to prove they are complying with the laws.

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