This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Rejected petition The MoD should source equipment from UK firms wherever possible

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The MoD should make efforts to source from UK-based firms first, wherever possible, regardless of cost.

To put it simply, there should be an end to the types of situations whereby the MoD purchases ships from France or Germany when there are naval-yards in Scotland, the North West or North East that are both capable and desperate to carry out the work. By purchasing from British firms the MoD - and by extention, the British Government - would help reduce British unemployment, increase tax revenue, stimulate regional growth around the UK, and promote a healthy revival in British pride. Additional benefits might also include a surge in technological and mechanical ability as British engineers strive to improve their knowledge and skills; plus with British workers involved, the work would be to the highest standard possible since it would be their sons and daughters manning these ships / aircraft / tanks etc as part of the British armed forces.

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