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Petition Rejected Housing Application Slough

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Slough Borough Council have suddenly decided to change the requirements for joining the housing list.
It now states that an application will be rejected if you already have accommodation which is adequate for your housing needs.
This means that people who have been waiting on the list for numerous years in the hope of eventually being offered a place to live, are now being told that they are unable to be on the housing list any longer.

As parents, we have a duty to provide a roof over our families heads, to create an environment for our kids to grow up in where they feel happy, safe and secure - so we will try and do what it takes to make that happen even if it means struggling to make ends meet and getting into debt to pay for the current living expenses.
But what keeps you going, is knowing that eventually, at some point be offered somewhere permanent to live.
I strongly feel that this decision needs to be changed!

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