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Petition Restore UK Sport Funding for Waterpolo

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UK Sport decided to cut GB Women's Waterpolo's funding from £4.5m to £0. There was a £1.6m investment for the 2016 cycle in recognition of the progress made by the sport. The team have had 10 months since then, and with some of the team retiring after the 2012 Olympics a transition period has had to take place. Despite this, the team have managed to come 13th at the World Championships and went on to qualify for the European Championships. However without this funding the team might not attend. Many successful junior athletes are coming through in 2013 the Under 20 GB team qualified for the Junior World Championships and fought to come 8th. This loss not only affects the GB Senior team, it also affects young players' aspiration to compete at Olympic Games and major competitions. The team are also role models to all these young players who aspire to be like them. This decision isn't just stopping the GB Women's Team from going to the Olympics, its stopping waterpolo in Great Britain.

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