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Petition Save Clipstone Colliery headstocks

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Clipstone Colliery headstocks are the tallest headstocks in the United Kingdom.
They are Grade II listed structures with one of the only remaining examples of a Koepe winding system inside.
They are a national asset, of international importance to the heritage community and a valuable community asset.
We believe that they can be re-purposed as a leisure and tourist attraction to help regenerate Clipstone village and the surrounding Nottinghamshire countryside,this will boost the local and national economy, create jobs and re-inspire a sense of community.

They are currently in danger.

A planning application has been submitted to get the structures de-listed and demolished.
We want the planning application to be refused and the government to protect its heritage assets.
We would like your support in this campaign.
Please provide support with your signature and help us to prevent demolition and retain the heritage asset for the benefit of Clipstone and the UK.

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